2-year-old sweet floppy dog meets 95-year-old and they can’t be separated

In Mount Vernon lives a pair of neighbors with nothing separating their houses – no fence, no barrier, only grass between them. And the reason they’ve chosen to ‘share’ their yards is absolutely precious. When KOMO News in Washington State caught wind of this story, they went to see for themselves. As the crew pulled … Read more

Using Lemon And Pineapple To Quickly Shift Your Body PH In Your Favor

The body pH scale goes from 0-14 and indicates the acidity or alkalinity of our body. If the environment is below 7 it is considered acidic, and a pH value of over 7 is considered alkaline. An acidic environment in our body is definitely not a good thing considering that diseases thrive in it, which … Read more

Natural Ways to Detox Every Organ in The Body


Many people even the young ones suffer from serious health problems like autoimmune conditions and cancer. The reasons for these diseases and conditions can be numerous. Most of them happen due to hormone disruptors, stress, bacteria, viruses, parasites, processed food, heavy metals etc. Our immune system is made so that it can diminish toxins through … Read more

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