2-year-old sweet floppy dog meets 95-year-old and they can’t be separated


In Mount Vernon lives a pair of neighbors with nothing separating their houses – no fence, no barrier, only grass between them. And the reason they’ve chosen to ‘share’ their yards is absolutely precious.

When KOMO News in Washington State caught wind of this story, they went to see for themselves. As the crew pulled up to the street, they were first greeted by Brody the Saint Bernard.

At two-years-old, Brody is a big, floppy puppy that belongs to Dave and Edie Mazzarella.

2-year-old sweet floppy dog meets 95-year-old and they can't be separated

Dave told the news crew that the first day he brought the then 12-week-old puppy home, Brody seemed to instantly just disappear.

“I had just given him a bath,” he says, “and I went in the house and he was gone.”

After searching the house, with the dog nowhere to be found, they discovered that Brody had gone next door to Sally Reenhorn’s house – their 93-year-old neighbor.

“I walked around and sure enough there she was. They had met for the first time without me.”

Sally lives alone and she remembers the first time that Brody showed up at her house.

“There was a little puppy laying by my sliding doors and he was so cute! And little. And he stayed there, and that was Brody!”

Sally didn’t have any treats to give the sweet and curious boy, so, she improvised!

“I thought, well, maybe he wants some old bread. And he loved it! And to this day, you will not believe it, he will not take dog food from me! He only wants bread from me!”

Since the day Brody snuck over to Sally’s house, he’s become a regular visitor over the years, sometimes visiting her 3 or 4 times a day.

Dave realized that Brody and Sally quickly bonded and knew he had to show off their sweet relationship on Instagram. He began filming video after video of the two in action.

Sometimes Brody follows Sally around while she works in the yard, watering her plants. Other times, Brody will simply put his big old paws on Sally’s window until she notices him.

Sadly, Sally had a heart attack and her family decided it was time to move her into a senior living facility.

Although Sally is doing fine and making new friends at the facility, Brody has been missing his friend dearly. Four months after Sally moved out, he is still running over to her house and putting his giant paws on her window, hoping she’ll arrive.

“He was sad. He was looking for Sally and he didn’t understand where she went,” Edie says.

From that moment on, it was settled. Brody would become a regular visitor at the care facility – and their bond could continue to grow.

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