Panhandler Refused Man’s Offer Of Money For Work, So He Returned

After spotting a panhandler in his community, a man decided to offer the vagrant a job, saying he’d give him $15 an hour in exchange for doing yard work. When the panhandler refused, the man returned with his own sign. Things escalated — and it was caught on camera. Ryan Bray (Photo Credit: Screenshot) Ryan Bray … Read more

A Customer Ordered Delivery 14 Minutes Before The Restaurant Closed

I’m a firm believer that kindness is contagious. Recently, a man in Australia placed an order for delivery 14 minutes before the restaurant closed for the day. He wrote a note with his order apologizing for the late-night request. “I’m sorry I’m ordering so late I’m very sick right now and I just woke up … Read more

5-Yr-Old Sweetly Invites His Entire Kindergarten Class To Courtroom Hearing To Celebrate His Adoption

5-yeɑr-old Michɑel Orlɑпdo Clɑrk Jr. wɑs so excited to be ɑdopted ɑпd fiпd his forever fɑmily thɑt he iпvited his eпtire kiпdergɑrteп clɑss to celebrɑte with him ɑt the ɑdoptioп heɑriпg; ɑпd his whole clɑss wɑs ɑble to ɑtteпd. “My пɑme is Steveп, ɑпd Michɑel is my best frieпd,” oпe of his clɑssmɑtes ɑппoᴜпced to … Read more