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German artist Yorck Dusterwalt has been doing body art for many years. One of the main ideas of body art is to make a person look more attractive.

Decoration of the face, arms, legs, body is one of the most ancient customs, and despite the occasional condemnation and criticism, this tradition has not disappeared,

but, having stood the test of time, has gained the right to exist as an art form.

Body art is a trend within conceptual art, where the main object is the body of the model, the role of which is often assumed by the artist himself,

and the content is revealed by posture, gestures, and signs covering the body. Due to its capabilities,

body art is considered one of the most striking types of art of self-expression, the spiritualization of artistic

images on a living canvas – a body that can revive any artist’s idea with its plasticity.

The goal of Dusterwalt is to paint the human body so that it completely blends with the environment.

This is not an easy art, and to achieve such perfection, one must be a true professional.

With the help of paints and his talent, York paints naked models, disguising them as the environment.

Looking at his photographs is like guessing riddle pictures, some models blend so perfectly with the background.

Dusterwald has been a body painter for the past 25 years, demonstrating amazing body painting skills in various creative projects.

The German artist has a real talent, he has a sense of color and a fine line of nature, and transfers all this to the body of the model.

His work is like a masterpiece.

Models are sometimes impossible to distinguish from the surrounding landscape, so much they merge and become part of nature.

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