Burn Belly Fat Super Fast in 5 Days Without Exercise (100%)

Ingredients: Colgate, Onion, Vaseline, Balm & Lemon. STEPS -Take a spoon of Colgate, half spoon of Vaseline, another half teaspoon of Aboniki balm or any mild rub. -Squeeze one part of the lemon. Peel, cut and blend one bulb of onion, strain to extract the juice. -Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply directly to … Read more

8 Simple Exercises to Get Rid of Saddlebags

Getting fit is never an easy task. What is more, in order to deal with the problem you have to locate it and find suitable ways to fix it. While many women try to get rid of cellulite, they tend to leave out something as important as saddlebags. What is a saddlebag? In case you do … Read more

A 21-Day Plank That’s Perfect for Beating Belly Fat

By stiffly holding your body in a plank position you strengthen your core which are the muscles connecting the lower and upper body. Plank exercises also help to tone your abs, legs, arms, hips and improve your posture and body balance. If you are new at planking it’s important to start this exercise in short periods of time and take longer breaks after. The … Read more

21 Day Anti – Anxiety Challenge

We all experience stress, tension, and anxiety at times. Yet, they can impact all segments in life, and change the way we feel, think, and live our life. According to Psychology Today: “Anxiety, or extreme apprehension and worry, is a normal reaction to stressful situations. In some cases, however, worry becomes excessive or chronic and … Read more


Coping with losing weight around the stomach area can be difficult and boring, but this type of fat can be lost while you sleep. We share the following 10 bedtime drinks that will help you lose the fat around the stomach. LIST OF 10 TOP BEDTIME DRINKS THAT CAUSE LOSE OF STOMACH FAT Cucumber juice … Read more

Two Week Gut Challenge

Ready for this 6 pack abs challenge that will slim and strengthen your abdominal area? You’ll be able to get rid of the belly pooch and diminish your love handles in just 30 days. All it takes is less than 20 minutes a day for the next month. At the end of the challenge, you’ll … Read more