Burn Belly Fat Super Fast in 5 Days Without Exercise (100%)


  • Colgate,
  • Onion,
  • Vaseline,
  • Balm & Lemon.


-Take a spoon of Colgate, half spoon of Vaseline, another half teaspoon of Aboniki balm or any mild rub.

-Squeeze one part of the lemon. Peel, cut and blend one bulb of onion, strain to extract the juice.

-Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply directly to your belly.

-Wrap a nylon around your belly and wear a waist trainer to generate heat.

-I don’t have a waist trainer ?, For me I use 4 wrappers to make layers & tie around my belly.

-Leave it 40/50mins before wash. Do this at night, do not eat after 6:30pm.


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