Owner tired of rude customers prices his coffee by kindness to teach them value of politeness


Are customers always right?
This question is very common to all business establishments that offer services or merchandise. Businesses that cater to a hefty number of customers often stumble upon rude customers.

It’s sad because it’s where the slogan “the customer is always right” gets abused..

Excellent service must be given to customers, that is absolutely true. But does that mean employees are no longer allowed to voice out what they think is right? Are they no longer entitled to self-respect?

Is fighting for respect worth losing a customer?
For one brave person, it’s a resounding “YES!” Back in 2016, Austin Simms, a barista at the Cups Coffee and Tea in Roanoke, Virginia thought of a clever but effective solution to teach rude customers a lesson.

He seemed to notice the absence of respect on their establishment so he came up with a brilliant idea in stopping it.

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