Why are you late

The bell rang for school to start and John walked in late. Mr. Clark asked, “John, why are you late?” He replied, “I was on Cherry Hill.” Then he sat down. Ten minutes later Nathan walked in late and Mr. Clark repeated, “Why are you late?” Nathan answered, “I was on top of Cherry Hill.” … Read more

A Husband Telephones His Wife

“Hello!” “Hey honey, this is daddy. Is mommy near the phone?” “No daddy, she’s upstairs jn the bedroom with uncle Jake.” “But you don’t have an uncle Jake, sweetie…” “Uh yes I do, and he’s upstairs in the bedroom with mommy right now.” “Ok honey, I need you to go near the bedroom and shout … Read more

He Asks His Father

Little Johnny Fell In Love, so he asks his father. Son: “Daddy, I fell in love and want to date this awesome girl!” Father: “That’s a great son. Who is she?” Son: “It’s Sandra, the neighbor’s daughter” Father: “Ohhh I wish you hadn’t said that. I have to tell u something son, but you must promise not to tell your

An Old Couple Were Celebrating 50 Years.

A husband and his wife were celebrating 50 years together. Their three kids, all very successful, all agreed to a Sunday dinner in their honour. “Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad” gushed son number one, a surgeon, “Sorry, I’m running late. I had an emergency at the hospital with a patient, you know how it is … Read more

Walmart Joke

So I am at Walmart scanning and bagging my almost $300 worth of groceries while the employee that wants $15 an hour “monitors” and then this happened. Her – why are you double bagging all of your groceries? Me – excuse me? Her – you are wasting our bags! Me – if you don’t like … Read more

David Spade Donates Thousands to Viral Burger King Employee

David Spade seems moved by the Burger King employee who got a mediocre goodiebag as a recognition of 27 years without missing work … give him money and make him laugh. Kevin Ford that went viral this week after shows off their corporate giftstells TMZ … his daughter let him know that someone named David Spade donated … Read more