A bee is driving along


A bee is driving along the highway and sees a grasshopper looking for a lift.

He pulls over to pick him up.

After 100km the car sputters and comes to a stop.

The bee looks at the fuel gauge, groans, gets out and proceeds to pee into the fuel tank, gets back in the car and away they go.

The grasshopper is, of course, amazed after this happens 2 more times.

Then in the middle of nowhere the car runs out of fuel for the 4th time.

The bee starts freaking out and says

‘I can’t go again, I just can’t. I’m tapped.’

The grasshopper tries to settle the bee by saying that he really needs to pee and he will gladly pee into the tank.

The bee stops for a second and starts laughing hysterically.

‘If only it was that simple dear grasshopper. You see this specific model of car, only runs on BP!’

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