Single Mom Facing Homelessness Built A $10K Tiny Home Instead Of Taking Out A $300K Mortgage


Charlotte Sapwell is a single mom, she has been through a lot in her life, her only salvation was to sell her organs. But she didn’t do it, and she didn’t even thought about entering the escort world.

After her terrible break up, she was left homeless and without any income. She tried moving in with her parents, but that was not a solution. She became very anxious and depressed. She was feeling like she is doing everything wrong, and she considered her life to be a total failure.

The mortgage was not an option either. She would instantly be in a depth worth $400,000 AUD.

Her grandfather gave her a wonderful idea, and she liked it. He helped her build herself a new home. It was small, tiny and cozy, but at the same time it was very helpful.

Charlotte took an old office, she took all of the things outside, and sold them. Her budget was less than $13,000 AUD, and she needed to turn it into a home, with a kitchen/living room, bedroom and a bathroom. She was sleeping in it too.
She built her new home in less than 5 months. She also has 2 kids, and they all together lived in a very big house, but after the awful breakup, they lived into a very small rented unit. But the tiny house she built for herself, was her favorite!

When she heard the idea of her grandpa, she accepted it as a challenge, and most importantly she liked it. Also she is now building this type of a home for a close relative. She plans on building these type of homes and sell them.

She said that we should not fear changes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with living small and dreaming big!
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