Get Rid of Those “Skeeters”!

Well, summer is here and so are the bugs!  As I sat on the back porch last night to listen to the rain, I invited hubby out, too.  We loved the comfortable seats and the pitter-patter sound that  the rain made as it hit the metal gutters.  

As the evening went along, even though our back porch was a relaxing place to sit, we were forced to come inside because of the mosquitoes and other bugs that gather at dusk! 

 Then, today, as I looked on social media, a friend had posted this mixture of simple ingredients that are supposed to keep the mosquitoes away.

 I’m in!  I’d say that this is worth a try!  We don’t usually buy beer, but we’re going to get a couple of cans and let it go flat just to make this stuff!

P. S.  We have made this and sprayed it on our back yard with good results!