How To Make A Powerful DIY Fly Spray


I love so many things about summertime. From backyard barbecues, to beach days, to watching my garden emerge into full bloom, there are just so many positive aspects of this warm and sunny season. The only downside? Bugs. Nothing ruins dining outside or relaxing on the deck with a drink like being bombarded by pesky flies. Fortunately, there’s a very efficient DIY method for keeping flies away that only involves two very basic ingredients.

I grew up riding horses, and so the smell of Pine Sol is very nostalgic to me – the stable hands would add water and Pine Sol into a watering can, then sprinkle it up and down the aisles of the barn. Yes, this helped to make the barn smell good. But the main purpose was actually to keep flies away. As it turns out, flies absolutely hate the smell of Pine Sol, and so it makes for a very effective fly deterrent.

All you have to do is add equal parts water and Pine Sol (the original one, not one of the other scented types) into a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your patio furniture, outdoor table, door, or any other hard surface that’s near your outdoor spaces. The smell will keep flies at bay, and you’ll be left with the pleasant smell of Pine Sol!

As with any other household cleaner, it’s important to note that Pine Sol should not be sprayed anywhere that could be damaging to children or pets, as it is a chemical. However, when used safely and correctly, this solution can work wonders at deterring flies from bothering you when you’re just trying to enjoy the great outdoors. I hope this tip helps you to enjoy your outdoor spaces even more this summer!

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