How To Make Your Laundry Smell Amazing Without Using Dryer Sheets


I have a small family — it’s just me, my husband, and our dog. That being said, I feel like I’m doing laundry every other day. The rate at which we go through laundry detergent and dryer sheets is crazy. So I can’t even imagine how quickly other families with way more people go through these same products.

That’s where this mom’s awesome hack comes in. Courtney Draper took to Facebook to share her clever idea for saving money on laundry supplies. Instead of using fabric sheets, Courtney revealed that she puts liquid fabric softener into a plastic container along with some clean sponges, then puts the lid on the container. When she puts her wet clothes in the dryer, she simply wrings out one of the sponges and tosses it in.

Courtney explained that this method saves her tons of money, and it also won’t damage your clothes. And to top it all off, Courtney said that your clothes will smell amazing. Check out her post below to see more!

Thanks, Courtney, for sharing this money-saving laundry hack!

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