This elderly couple, whose man is 105 years old and wife is 96, is commemorating their 79 years of marriage.


The guy in this elderly couple is 105 years old, and his wife is 96 years old; together, they are celebrating their 79th wedding anniversary today.

The fact that there is such a thing as “true love” as demonstrated by a black couple is evidence of this. The recent celebration of A.J. and Lillie Reeves’ 79th wedding anniversary is the cause for all of today’s activities. Both A.J. and Lillie Reeves were born and raised in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The ripe old age of 96 has been reached by A.J. and his wife at the same time.

This devoted couple has been married since 1941, and they have every intention of continuing their union and spending the rest of their lives together, sharing many more lovely experiences with one another until the day they pass away. The following year will be their 80th wedding anniversary, and they are looking forward to the celebration with a great deal of excitement.

There were a great number of additional individuals that acknowledged and cherished their devoted love for one another. As a consequence of this, in the year 2019, it was suggested that they be included in the Congressional record of the United States House of Representatives. In addition to this, they have been acknowledged on a number of different times as the couple that has been married for the longest period of time.

The impressions that their grandchild has of the love that her grandparents have for her

Their granddaughter, Valerie Le Grand, is absolutely charmed by the profound love that her grandparents have for one another, and this love is passed down to her from her parents. Throughout the course of our discussion, she opened up about the ways in which the incredible love that the couple had for one another had left her feeling inspired and affected.

According to her, their family is overjoyed beyond measure to have had the opportunity to share so many amazing moments with them over the course of their time together and couldn’t be more grateful for the chance to do so. She also stated that their family could not be more thankful for the opportunity. She is trying to convince us that there is such a thing as pure love and that people can find happiness once they have found their soul mate by arguing that the love that was shared by her grandparents is a good example of this. Their partnership is an inspiration to a great number of young people who are having difficulty identifying the person with whom they belong in a romantic partnership.

She mentions that her grandparents will be the centre of attention at the upcoming celebration because it will be her grandparents’ eightieth wedding anniversary. She also mentions that the rest of the family is looking forward to the event that will take place the year after that.

The story of just another of these inspiring partners in marriage

South Africa offers another another example of this type of thing to look out for. The focus of this story are Herman Mashaba, a former mayor of Johannesburg, and his wife, who are currently celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary. The Mashabas have been married for a long time.

It was highlighted in one of his posts how much of his success may be owed to the fact that he has a wonderful wife. He expressed his gratitude to her and mentioned that she was the person responsible for his developing into the person he is today. He wouldn’t be the same guy he is now if it weren’t for the influence that she had on him.

Stories such as these two have a powerful influence on others, encouraging them to believe in real love and to look for their own soul mates. They teach us that we shouldn’t simply give up on those that we love or believe are people that we are destined to be with and that we should instead fight for those relationships. They teach us that we shouldn’t give up easily on those that we love or believe are people that we are meant to be with. is the source for this article. and

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