It’s Not Salt Or Sugar, Yet It’s The Most Dangerous White Poison That We Eat Every Day


This is what sodium glutamate E621 looks like – it is an additive that is put in large amounts in almost all foods in restaurants and it is well known.

They add it in order to intensify the flavor of food. White crystalline powder, which is similar to salt and sugar. Aqueous solution that tastes like a soup with meat.

This substance can be added to any type of food. Sodium glutamate causes increased appetite, overeating and obesity. It is used for to arousing of the brain cells, the effect is like a drug and it easily penetrates in the blood and brain and causes a change in the genes that are responsible for the sense of taste.

Sodium glutamate is found in different types of sausages, salami, chips, prepared soups, canned food, beer and many others products. The dose that cannot harm an adult person is 1.5 grams per day and for children – not more than half a gram. Nowadays the world uses about 200 thousand tons of sodium glutamate in a year.

The symptoms of E621 overdose are also known as “Chinese restaurant syndrome” and include: dizziness, migraine, visual disturbances, palpitations, infringement of hormonal balance, nausea, weakness, chest pain and others.

It was discovered in 1907 in Japan by Ikeda Kikunae. He made different experiments that helped him to discover the substance that can enhance the natural flavor of the products and improve the taste and aroma of canned food, fast food and frozen products as well.

It is very popular in America and that is why Americans usually buy more food. When the researchers made the experiments they used sodium glutamate and added it in the food of mice. After a while they lost their sight. One of the many negative consequences of the use of sodium glutamate is that it can have a negative influence on tongue receptors, which will worsen the perception of food as the time passes by. In many cases the glutamate is the reason why the food is so delicious and we cannot stop eating all sorts of junk food like chips, snacks, prepared soups and more. If you consume it often it can cause an addiction and you will unconsciously prefer products that contain it. This is beneficial for the producers because it increases their profit.

Remember! Food manufacturers benefit from adding E621 in the food, because this supplement reduces production costs and disguise poor-quality goods or production. Be careful when buying food, read the labels on the product packaging. Use only natural spices.

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