Mother discovers a black spot in her daughter’s mouth and goes to the hospital in a hurry


While playing with her child, a mother noticed something that left her disturbed. On the hard palate inside the girl’s mouth was a huge black patch the mom never noticed before.

She tried erasing it but it did’t go away so she rushed her girl to the hospital. Once there, doctors examined it thoroughly and their initial thoughts were it was a birthmark. But how was it possible for the mother not to notice it for so long?

“Today, while playing with Bella, I noticed a smear on her mouth. I tried to erase it to see if it would go away, but it didn’t. I called everyone and then scheduled a 30-minute appointment with the doctor,” the mother wrote on Facebook.

The mom was sure it couldn’t be a birthmark because she said she cleaned her daughter’s mouth every single day and it wasn’t possible for the patch to be there from before.

Other doctors tried examining Bella and what they discovered made everyone laugh. It turned out that what appeared as a huge birthmark was in fact a piece of a cardboard the little one put in her mouth while no one was watching.

The mother was relieved and apologized the doctors for wasting their time. Luckily, it all turned out for the best. The doctors, of course, weren’t mad, they said this fun incident made their day.

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