Top 5 Oval Mandala Rugs Ideas and Free Crochet Patterns


The exemplary patterns we have selected are an excellent source of inspiration for every crochet lover who happens to be a passionate homemaker as well. We know that a handmade accessory can make everyone feel like home, don’t we? Obviously! The mandala-based patterns for crochet rugs are great for people of all skill levels, so don’t hesitate to try one of them even if you are a beginner. Are you ready to dive into this fabulous collection? So ready, right? Your new favorite rug is waiting!


Minimalist, colorful, trendy. These oval rugs will complete modern interiors like a dream! Add them to your library of crocheting tricks and make your home feel like an inside of a fancy interior design magazine.

Coil & Crochet Scrap Fabric Rug

Guess what, crochet lovers? You can finally put all the scraps you have been hoarding to good use! Every artistic soul would like a handmade rug like that in their home, without a doubt. This beautiful piece will complement modern interiors like a dream.

What a delicious mixture of colors! The deep shades of blue, pink, and yellow you see on the photo below are so sense-soothing. Can you feel their powers? Without a doubt! If you want to add a bit of boho touch to your interiors, crochet a couple of rugs by Johanna Lindahl. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Round Fringe Rug

Ah, the refreshing turquoise shades! Aren’t they absolutely enchanting? All the people longing for cold summer breeze would surely love to have a rug like this one on their patio or in their bathroom. If you prefer warmer shades, go for sunny yellow. Perfect for this time of the year, right? Crochet rug patterns are always perfectly customizable!

Polar Mandala

Which version of this breathtaking mandala designed by ByMimzan speaks to you louder? Would you choose between the two you see on the photo or go for something completely different? We are so curious! This pattern will help you make a one of a kind crochet rug. You can also use it for wall decor or table setting!

Click here for video tutorial

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