21 Essential Tricks For Cooking That Few People Know


Preparing food can be a real nightmare sometimes – you just don’t know how to prepare that nice piece of meat or the oil splashes and makes a mess out of your kitchen. Luckily for you, we have some nice tips and tricks which will help you cook better and organize your kitchen as well.

1. Remove vegetable seeds easily

To remove zucchini and pumpkin seeds easily, use an ice-cream scoop – the sharp edge will immediately remove the seeds and you can also use it to decorate salads with vegetables.

2. Remove fat from a prepared meal

If your meal turns out to be too fatty, you can remove the excess with paper towel and a few ice cubes. Just wrap the cubes in the napkin, then run it on the surface of the food. The ice will attract the fat and freeze it on the napkin immediately.

3. Use plastic wrap as a chef

If your plastic wrap stretches and brakes often, just store it in the fridge before putting it over foods as chefs do. In this way, it’s easier to handle.

4. Remove citrus peel easily

Microwave any citrus fruit for 20 seconds to remove the peel easier.

5. Peel boiled eggs faster and better

Add a bit of baking soda and ACV in the water you’re boiling the eggs in to make them easier to peel afterward.

6. Get more juice out of a lemon

To get as much juice as possible from any citrus fruit, chill them in your freezer first, then put them in the microwave for 20 seconds. Squeeze the afterward and you’ll get every last drop of juice from the fruit.

7.Grate cheese without it sticking to the grater

Before grating a piece of cheese put it in the freezer for half an hour. This will make it easier to peel and it won’t stick to the grater.

8. Stop the crying when chopping onions

Put an onion in the freezer for up to 30 minutes before chopping to prevent tears running down your cheeks afterward.

9.Prevent the pasta from spilling

If you want the boiling water from overflowing when cooking pasta, put a wooden spoon on the top of the pot. The wood will prevent the water from overflowing and making a mess in your kitchen.

10.Cook a chicken like a chef

When roasting a whole chicken, put it breast down in the pan – chicken has more meat on this spot, so the closer to the heat source it is, the quicker and better the chicken will be.

11. Make delicious muffins with parchment paper

If you don’t have special molds for your muffins, you can use parchment paper. It will help you make unusually-shaped muffins easily.

12. Heat baked foods properly

When microwaving pizza or other baked goods, put a glass of water in the microwave as well. The water will evaporate and prevent the crust from drying out.

13.Perfect poached eggs

To make the perfect poached eggs, just break them in a pan like when you do before frying, and add a bit of water.

14. Easily conserve herbs

To preserve all the properties and nutrients of herbs, freeze them in ice molds with a bit of water and olive oil. Whenever you need to use them, add a cube in your meal for a perfect flavor.

15. Store peeled nuts properly

To store peeled nuts like a chef, simply put them in your freezer. This will help you retain all their properties and flavor. Whenever you want a snack, take them out and leave them at room temperature for a bit.

16. Clean your iron pans perfectly

If your iron pans are covered with rust, you don’t need to throw them away or use any harsh detergents. Just use salt to rub the stains – this will also remove any aroma from the spices you use in your meals.

17.Eliminate the unpleasant smell on your hands after cooking

To get rid of the odor on your hands after cooking with lemon or garlic, use baking soda and lemon. Rub the mixture on your hands and rinse with water in the end and the pungent aroma will be gone.

18. Make your pots shine as good as new

To restore the shine of your chrome vessels, wash them with a solution of water and vinegar. For an even better effect, soak them in the mixture overnight and clean them in the morning.

19. Keep your wooden spoons in perfect condition

Over time, wooden spoons and spatulas lose their shape and get an unpleasant odor, so many people just throw them away. However, you don’t need to do it – just boil them in water and leave them to dry out in the sun afterward. This method will remove the odor and give your wooden cutlery a fresh start.

20. Clean your wooden cutting boards properly

To remove any food leftovers and odor from your cutting boards, rub them with coarse sea salt and leave them for 10-15 minutes. Next, rub them with ½ a lemon and rinse with lukewarm water. The method will remove the odor from the boards and disinfect them as well.

21. Keep your recipe book clean

Using your recipe books in the kitchen while preparing meals is sure to leave some stains on them. But, it doesn’t have to be that way – just open the book on the recipe you’re making, hang it on a trouser hanger and hang the book from your upper drawers.



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