A Chiropractor Advises People Why Not To Sleep On Your Right Side!


Problems with sleeping are very common nowadays. If we don’t sleep well, we increase the risk of depression, gain weight, have an increased blood pressure, but also numerous chronic health conditions can appear.

Experts recommend that we should all sleep from 7 to 8 hours every night, but even if we do that, we still might encounter some health problems. Premature wrinkles, stomach problems as well as neck and back pain are only some of them.

There is an entire industry built around human beings getting better sleep. For example, there are countless mattresses on the market (some cost thousands of dollars) that promise good sleep. The good news is that you can significantly improve your sleep without spending your life savings on a new mattress.

Yes, these days we are inundated with articles that say how important sleep is for our health and mood, but it turns out that the position we sleep matters in this equation.

A sleep expert called Dr. John Douillard claims that it’s very important for our health to sleep on our left side. Our health becomes optimal and we benefit our longevity.

This position is also very important for a good and healthy digestion. People with asthma shouldn’t sleep on their back.


1. Heartburn Relief:

In case you’re a person with a sensitive stomach and you have heartburn constantly, sleeping on the left will be extremely beneficial for you. It will definitely alleviate your heartburn. Sleeping on the right can only cause many health problems.

2. Helps Lymphatic System:

Many people aren’t aware of the lymphatic system, but it is extremely important to our health. The left side of our body is actually the lymphatic side. Sleeping on this side will help us remove waste, toxins as well as filter some lymph fluid.

3. Heart Health:

Our heart will obtain numerous benefits if we sleep on the left side. In this way, the lymph drainage towards our heart will be improved by gravity. Our heart will be free of workload while we sleep.

4. Stops Snoring:

Snoring is a really bad health problem. It can keep someone’s partner sleepless, but it is also extremely bad for our heart as well as the complete health. Sleeping on the left side is especially beneficial to patients with sleep apnea e.g. people who snore constantly.

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