After Nearly 50 Years of Marriage, a Couple Was Lying in Bed One Evening, When the Wife Felt Her Husband Begin to Massage Her


A couple that was married for almost 50 years was lying in bed when the husband started doing something that really caught the wife by surprise. She felt his arm on her body as though he was about to give her a massage.

She didn’t say a word as he continued touching her, starting from the neck down her back. He then proceeded to her shoulders and the stomach.

The wife felt nice as her husband carried on moving his hand gently to the side of her body going down her buttock and then her inner calf.

Then he did it all over again but now to her other side of the body. It was one hell of a massage.

As he was slowly placing his hand near the most sensitive part of her body he suddenly stopped and turned around not saying a single word to his wife who at this point was quite excited. She was now even more surprised by his behavior and said: “Honey, that was really amazing, why did you stop?” to what the husband replied: “Because I found the remote control I was looking for”

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