Chia Water With Lemon To Eliminate Accumulated Fat And Cleanse The Body In Just 3 Days


“Chia water with lemon to eliminate fat? Will lemon water work with chia to cleanse the body?

The truth is that, if it works, you should only mix lemon water with chia, since this is the solution for you to lose those extra pounds and get rid of the accumulated fat and cleanse the body, leaving it perfect for the summer.

This is because Chia and lemon are important antioxidants, which make a powerful detoxification of the body, which facilitates the absorption of nutrients and increases weight loss. When submerged in the water, the chia swells and becomes a small jelly, which promotes satiety and controls the appetite.

On the other hand, Chia is abundant in calcium, fiber, iron, and proteins, which offers a wide range of nutrients for the body that is in the diet process.

The lemon is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, being able to promote the cleansing of the organism and thus reducing the swelling of the belly. In addition, the lemon also “clean” the flavor, which reduces the desire to eat sweets and other foods that harm the progress of the diet.

Ideally, the mixture should be swallowed as soon as you wake up, in the morning, still fasting. In addition, combined with a balanced morning coffee rich in vitamins and fiber, the lemon with chia water will make you lose weight soon.

You can also keep drinking the mixture throughout the day, especially if you have trouble drinking water.

As hydration is essential for healthy and successful weight loss, water with chia can help you go through this stage with health and without great difficulties.

Another benefit of drinking lemon water with chia is that it facilitates the digestion process, making the nutrients are properly ingested, which accelerates the delivery of vitamins to the bloodstream.

The lemon with chia water is also diuretic and prevents you from having constipation. In addition to the benefits to lose weight, the recipe also fights free radicals, slowing cell aging and making your skin look much prettier and younger for much longer.

There are many ways to prepare the recipe, but we will teach you how to follow the correct way to mix the ingredients so that you have better results. Learn below to prepare this miraculous recipe chia water with lemon to lose weight and immediately begin your weight loss process.

Recipe of chia water with lemon to eliminate fat

To make this recipe for chia water with lemon, you need:

–  The juice of 1 lemon.
–  1 tablespoon of chia seeds
–  300 ml of filtered or mineral water.
–  Honey to taste.

How do you prepare crispy water with lemon to eliminate fat?

Dip the chia seeds in 100 ml of water and let stand for about 1 hour so that it remains with the consistency of the gel. After that time, squeeze the lemon juice into the mixture and pour the remaining 200 ml of water into the same container.

Beat the mixture in the blender or mixer for a few seconds and sweeten with honey, according to your preference. Drink in the morning, fasting, every day.

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