Crochet Square Motif – Daisy Flower


Watch the free video tutorial to get started on one of the many easy crochet flower projects mentioned below! This simple and cute crochet flower is creative and decorative for so many projects.

There are many things you can adorn with this simply gorgeous crochet flower! This flower is so small that they make a perfect embellishment for larger garments such as sweatshirts, hats, ear warmer headbands, or a chic summer wrap. It is so creative adding your own special touch to the clothes that you buy online or at a department store!

Making this easy crochet flower is an enjoyable beginner stitch and it makes the perfect embellishment for accessories! This easy crochet flower is also perfect to decorate your house for the warmer seasons! Make a few flowers with different colors and make art with them!

Stitch them together or elegantly spread them around your nightstand or coffee table to celebrate the lovely season of spring. Or, set off good vibes with this colorful flowers for an early spring when you are stuck in cold wintery weather. This flower add a stylish and charming look to your home during any season!

You should use a fine thread to make this flower, you can even add them as an accent on a special journal or on the family album.

Avoid using thick yarn, as the weight and bulkiness could make the flower look messy. If this is your first time crocheting this easy flower, you should definitely use a smooth yarn in a weight that you are comfortable using.

I also recommend using yarn that has a glitter thread in the mix because it makes the flower stand from the solid colors. In daylight, the glitter crochet flower shine and look absolutely stunning! Thanks so much for reading and watching!

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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