Cute and Trendy Crochet Sun Hats for Your Baby


Do you like to match hats with your baby girl or boy’s outfits? If yes then how about making or purchasing a crochet sun hat? So take a look at some designs here and see which one goes with your girl’s or boy’s dress:


1. Free Pattern at: liveinternet , Image via the whoot

All of these cute as button hats are made with one basic pattern in different colors and then embellished with an assortment of flowers and leaves.


2. Free Pattern at: my little city girl

These hats inspired by garden in vibrant yellow, lime green and white color are all embellished with contrasting flowers.


3. Purchase at: etsy

This cute hat in white color is with a light pink trim and two flowers in light and peachy pink. Match it with a pink or white dress of your little doll and turn her to a little fashionista.


4. Free Pattern at : my merry messy life

This hat is with many shades of blue perfect for your baby or toddler boy. It is embellished with a cute white star that becomes prominent against the blue color of the hat.

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