How To Get Rid Of Cellulite With Coconut Oil


With the arrival of nice time and the storage of thick layers of clothes in the closet, the “problem” of cellulite is getting bigger. By the time we arrive at the beach, we want to make it as less visible, so it’s best to start the fight against orange peel today.

Fortunately, you only need one ingredient of nature that can help you – powerful and reasonably popular coconut oil.

In addition to exercising and drinking large amounts of water, you certainly need a good peeling (and later a lotion) that will trigger circulation and make unwanted “holes” less visible on your buttocks and thighs, and you can make a very simple version of your own home. For the exfoliation, you will need only three ies) in a cup of mulled coffee, add 6 teaspoons of dissolved oil and 3 teaspoons of salt and mix all the ingredients well.

Before showering with a natural brush with a ‘dry’ brush, rub the cellulite affected area to start circulation and prepare the skin to absorb the ingredients of the scrub.

Why do you need to combine these three ingredients?

Coffee will start circulating and significantly tighten the skin, salt granules will make intense peeling, and coconut oil will feed and soften.

After peeling, lubricate critical areas with lotion, or just extra virgin coconut oil.

Massage coconut oil several times a week, and after the massage with coconut oil leave it to work for 1 to 2 minutes on the skin and then rinse with cold water.

Thus, the cellulite affected areas will “shock” with the hot/cold method, and the coconut oil will well feed and hydrate the skin.

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