How To Soothe Heavy Legs And Prevent Future Leg Pain


Every day a huge number of people experience all the unpleasant sensations of diseases of the lower extremities. Aching pain, heaviness, swelling, and irritation of the skin are not all the symptoms that symbolize the violation of the working capacity of the body.

As a rule, the disease does not have time to show up, and the legs already sound the alarm. Only early diagnosis can identify the existing deviations and direct the therapeutic effect on the elimination of the disease or maintain it in a state of remission. However, why does this happen? Why are the legs a serious indicator of impaired body functions?

To date, pain in the legs, the causes of which lie in diseases of the vessels and joints, vertebral column or muscles, is manifested due to the large body weight load. This causes a violation of the outflow of venous blood. Venous stasis, in turn, has an irritation of the nerve endings.

Here are main tips to soothe heavy legs and prevent future leg pain:

#1. Try not to overload your legs.

#2. A contrast shower for the feet in the morning and in the evening will strengthen the walls of the vessels.

#3. Laying a pillow at night under your feet (just above the level of the heart) will serve as a normalization of blood circulation.

#4. Of course, the use of creams that will help to remove swelling.

To relieve heavy legs, make a bath of the following composition: boil a handful of mint and lime in 1 liter of water. Let it brew for half an hour and pour into the enameled basin with warm water. Within 15 minutes, put your feet there and you will feel relieved, and also prevent the development of varicose veins.

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