My baby boy Snuggles passed away in my arms


My baby boy Snuggles passed away in my arms yesterday morning at 10:20am, at the age of 7. His 8th birthday was only one month away.

I really thought he would make it…I tried so hard to save him.

It was peaceful, he was not in pain, and he was loved during his final moments. I am so grateful for that.

I believe he had a seizure, I was unsure. . I attempted mouth to mouth but was unsuccessful.

He was such a strong boy, he fought so so hard. He had unbelievable strength and so so much love.

He only got 2 months since his diagnosis of metastatic prostate cancer/TCC that had spread to his lymph nodes and his bone.

It took 3 months and 5 vets before I could get a correct diagnosis.

I never left his side in those 2 months. I took care of him every minute of everyday.

He followed me everywhere I went. He never left my side.

He was my velcro dog. He was very anxious without me, and I also needed to be around him to feel safe.

Anytime I took a bath or shower, he would hear the shower curtain and come running to be with me in his bed by the shower that will now be empty…

He loved being warm and he slept under the blankets with me every night.

I also got goodnight kisses every night before bed.

I can’t imagine a life without him. I’m looking for him everywhere, and calling out his name.

I don’t want to leave the side of the bed where he died, and can’t let go of his collar.

I don’t know how to heal this pain of such a broken heart. He was my world.

I’m so happy he is out of pain.

Until we meet again, please help me through this Snuggles.

I love you forever and always

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  1. So sorry for ur loss. I know that pain. I’ve had 2 fur babies that went to doggie heaven. I have my baby fur baby Bella, my little chihuahua, she will b 13 this February. Her health has been going a little downhill n she’s had several seizures. They scare the hell out of me. I know the day will come where she will no longer b with me n I’m dreading that day

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