Get Fit in The Pool: 4 Exercises For a Flat Stomach

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It’s even easier to practice in the pool!

We start by warming up: standing in the water, we start by walking by raising our knees as high as possible.

And we go back and forth a lot.

Exercise 1

Holding foam dumbbells in each hand, arms outstretched under the surface of the water, rotate the bust to solicit the abs. We do 30 repetitions, we recover 30 seconds (always with the pelvic floor contracted), and we start again. As many times as we can.

Exercise 2

Sitting on a bench in the water, we beat our legs, pressed against each other. Always by contracting the abs. 30 repetitions, we recover 30 seconds (always with the pelvic floor contracted).

Exercise 3

Sitting on a step in the pool, the pelvic floor is contracted and legs are alternated. 20 rehearsals, then 1 minute of rest, and we’ll do it again.

Exercise 4

With fries placed under the arms, the legs are lengthened and placed parallel to the bottom of the pool, forming a perpendicular angle with the bust. Then you open and close your legs while contracting the abs and tightening the pelvic floor. 30 repetitions, 30 seconds of rest, and let’s do it again.


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