10 Food Products You Should and Shouldn’t Eat Before Sleep


Eating before sleep can also be pleasant! Snacks before going to bed are not recommended. according to the specialists. However, it is necessary to take into account also the quality of the meals we eat at dinner. If you are worried about your diet, we will tell you which are the best foods and which ones you need to avoid at night.

Eat before bedtime: This is what you SHOULD and what you SHOULD NOT eat

foods to eat before bed

 There is a well-known phrase that says ” eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar”. According to specialists, towards the end of the day, our caloric intake should decrease. This is because we do not have enough time to burn calories without affecting our health. With high caloric dinners, we run the risk of accumulating fat and increasing several kilos more. It is important to take care of our diet and not for aesthetic purposes, but for health. Food can be our medicine, it speaks of our daily habits and it is related to the way in which we decide to take care of our organism. In addition, meals help us to rest better, as long as we know how to select them with care. Going to bed with too much stomach interrupts sleep and gives us general discomfort, especially at gastric levels

So that you can better select your meals, we elaborate a complete list that will be of help. In it, we detail those foods that favor sleep, provide few calories and are delicious. On the other hand, we also include those who should never be present in your dinners.  Remember that it is always better to cook your own meals to ensure the quality of them. In addition, it decreases the intake of fats, refined and processed products. Information is health!

Eat before you sleep: FoodS to keep in mind


In this list, you will find some options that will help you to reconcile, maintain and awaken from a deep and wonderful dream. From now on you will wake up with much more energy!

  1. Bananas

The secret of bananas lies in their great nutritional value. Eating foods that are rich in potassium and magnesium before sleeping helps the muscles relax and regenerate properly. In addition, it is an excellent way to prevent cramps (some people suffer from night cramps that prevent adequate rest).

  1. Turkey.

A piece of turkey for dinner is delicious. Try to accompany it with vegetables so as not to consume only proteins. Turkey meat contains tryptophan, an amino acid that regulates sleep and helps achieve quality rest. Consume it about two hours before sleeping to achieve a good digestion and take advantage of the properties of this food.

  1. Warm milk

You may have heard one of the best-known remedies for insomnia: a glass of warm milk. This is because milk also contains tryptophan, so you will ensure optimal rest.

  1. Jasmine rice

Another very good option to eat before bed is jasmine rice. This food causes glucose to be released slowly into the blood. As the body uses energy better, it requires less rest to feel good. Now you know: If you have a few hours to sleep, you should have jasmine rice.

5. Cherries

In addition to delicious, cherries are a great nighttime snack. Among its many benefits, they also provide a large amount of melatonin. Melatonin helps you fall asleep quickly, controlling our internal clock. It is a very necessary hormone if we want to sleep through the night!


When we do not have time to eat before bed, we usually choose fast food as a first option. This is the worst decision. Have some healthy snacks in your refrigerator to get you out of trouble when you need it the most. Organize one day a week to cook and then freeze all the preparations, it’s healthier and cheaper! Here we tell you what are the foods that it is better to put aside at night:

  1. Fast foods with bacon

As we mentioned, fast foods are very heavy to digest. Our organism must make a great effort to eliminate all the harmful substances that we ingest with them. This usually causes abdominal distension. The abdominal distension is characterized by inflammation, excess gas, malaise, colic. All these symptoms definitely interrupt sleep. Bacon, on the other hand, contributes too many fats and causes an excess in the production of stomach acids. These acids cause acidity and heartburn.

  1. Wine and other alcoholic beverages

Eating before bed is something necessary, dinner cannot be ignored. However, we must also think about the unnecessary drinks that we get to ingest. Our organism considers that alcohol is a poison. To get rid of it, the kidneys must work twice as hard. With this objective, all liquid reserves are exhausted and thus facilitate their expulsion through urine.  During the night you will feel very much to urinate, frequently. In addition, you will need a large glass of water to replenish the loss of liquid, you will feel very thirsty!

  1. Bitter chocolate

Chocolate bars that have more than 70% of can also be harmful. They have a lot of caffeine and a substance called theobromine. Both compounds are stimulants of the nervous system. As a result, you will notice your heart rate much faster. The chances of getting insomnia increase when coffee or chocolate is consumed regularly.

  1. Excess of proteins

Foods high in protein are also not recommended for eating before bedtime. Protein digestion tends to be slow (up to 50% more) so your body needs a lot of time to finish the process successfully. If while you sleep, your body tries to digest everything that you have consumed, you will suffer bothersome symptoms such as abdominal distension, colic and stomach pains. If you want to eat a very protein meal during the meal, feed about four hours before going to sleep.

  1. Spicy condiments

Very spicy condiments are gastric irritants. This damages the stomach walls and promotes an increase in gastric juices. Eating them before bedtime can cause heartburn or gastritis.


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