8 Causes Of Bloated Stomach and Natural Remedies


If you have ever suffered from stomach bloating, you then know the discomfort it causes. This health issue is caused by the excess gas in the digestive tract, which causes hard stomach, swelling, flatulence and burping, and abdominal noises.

It usually resolves on its own within a few hours, but it would be great to know that you can naturally treat it faster, and even prevent its occurrence.

Stomach bloating is most often a result of:

— Insufficient water intake- Dehydration of the body causes stomach bloating since the body retains water in order to prevent additional complications

— Dairy products- Lactose intolerance is often the main cause of stomach bloating

— Fast eating or eating too much-In these cases, the stomach stretches and causes an accumulation of gases that prevents the quick processing of foods

— Gassy foods- These foods are hard to digest, such as some vegetables and fruits, beans, and cruciferous vegetables

— The use of certain medications- Many of these, such as iron oils, multivitamins, aspirin, antacids, fiber supplements, painkillers, cause bloating as a side effect

— Stress- In stressful situations, the body diverts blood from the digestive system and into other parts of the body, reducing the efficiency of digestion

— Fizzy drinks, soda, the use of straw, and chewing gums- all of these may contribute to stomach bloating

— Artificial sweeteners –the body finds it difficult to absorb artificial sweeteners and causes diarrhea, pain, and flatulence

However, the following foods, drinks, and herbs will be of great help in the case of bloating:

Lemon water- It eliminates excess water from the body and supports digestion

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)- Drink a tablespoon in a glass of water before meals to prevent bloating

Ginger- It boosts the blood circulation and prevents stomach bloating

Papaya— Its multiple active compounds fight belly bloating

Avocado- The digestive enzyme lipase in avocados breaks down fat and prevents bloating and the formation of gases

Asparagus- It is rich in probiotics that treat water retention and relieves stomach boating

Pineapple- Its enzyme bromelain helps digestion and helps the body to break down proteins in the stomach

Watermelon- Watermelons are full of potassium and water, and act as natural diuretics that prevent water retention

Herbal Teas- they treat indigestion and all kinds of digestive issues

Herbs- chamomile, dandelion root, lemon verbena, peppermint, lemon balm, burdock root, yellow dock, and fennel seeds

Yogurt (probiotic-rich foods)- The strains of bacteria in it regulate digestion

Oats (fiber-rich foods)- Oats treat bloating and constipation and bulk up the stool

Bananas (potassium-rich foods)- the rich potassium content treats bloating

Abdominal massages have also proven to be effective in the treatment of stomach bloating, and have been practiced for thousands of years.

Here is an effective massage that will help you move stool along the inside of the colon, and thus prevent and soothe cramps, bloating, pressure, and tightness


  • Start on the right side of the stomach, and down by the pelvic bone. Massage in a circular motion, lightly up to the right side, near the rib bones.
  • Then, move the hands across to the left side, and massage gently all the way to the hip bone and back up to the belly button. Repeat for three minutes, using the fingertips, and rubbing in a circular motion.
  • You can occasionally press a bit deeper.
  • Massage for one more minute, moving from the right hip bone to the right ribs, and for another minute across the middle of the belly.
  • Spend another minute massaging down to the left bone by the pelvis to the belly button.
  • Massage for ten minutes, rubbing in a clockwise motion.
  • This massage will provide almost instant effects, and will significantly accelerate metabolism and help digestion.

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