9 Signs your relationship is falling apart


Every relationship has ups and downs its better to resolve the problem by sharing it with your partner. When these signs pop up you have to be alert about your relationship.

You choose others instead of your partner

When a cheerful thing happened in your life you used to talk about each and everything that happened with excitement but now you don’t even think about it and share those things with others instead of your partner. You are not excited anymore because your partner doesn’t show any interest in your achievements.

Your partner’s habits irritate you

At the beginning of your relationship you found your partner’s habits cute and adoring even the story he/she tells you, you found it more interesting but now they irritate you like a hell. You just got enough of your partner and now you don’t wait for him to come home or you don’t like him when he/she is late.

You feel lonely

Physically you are sitting by the side of your partner but mentally you are somewhere or maybe thinking about someone else. The excitement about seeing your partner and talking about your day is all vanished in the air and you show more interest in your phone and TV.

You have compromised enough

In a relationship you have to bend yourself a lot of time according to your partner’s need, you have compromised enough for your partner to make him happy but now you are exhausted as hell to make one more compromise

Your partner doesn’t respect you

It might be your partner’s practice to make fun of you in front of other than its ok if you don’t have any problem with it but if he/she has started making fun of you and calling you out with different names like never before then it might be a symptom that your partner is fed up of you

No more teammates

As someone said UNITED WE STAND DIVIDE WE FALL also works in relationships. If you have set your partner as an opponent and tries to make him/her jealous in every moment then you are not teammates anymore as you don’t talk about the solutions for problems you have with your partner. You are simply trying to get rid of this relationship.

No more discussions

When you were newly met you always discuss everything even what color we will wear today but now you just agree on everything he/she says just to avoid any discussions indicates that your relationship is going to end soon.

Argue about inadequacy

Obviously, you had seen a lot of positive strengths which made you fall in love with him/her but now you ignore all his/her positive things and only argue about the negative ones and you are having long fights about them.

No physical intimacy

It’s not all about sex only, you used to walk on the beach with holding each other’s hand but now sleeping on the same bed makes you uncomfortable, you rarely kiss each other surely indicates you that your partner is not satisfied with you anymore

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