The First Blue Blood Moon Eclipse In 150 Years Is Coming This Month


The first eclipse of 2018 will be a lunar one that comes at the very end of the month, on Jan. 31.

It will be a total eclipse that involves the second full moon of the month, popularly referred to as a Blue Moon. Such a skywatching event hasn’t happened for more than 150 years.

Canadian and American stargazers are poised to enjoy what is known as the blue moon eclipse. It will take place on January 31 and is only visible to the western half of the North American continent. There may be some confusion as to how this event will take place. After all, this is one of the unique cosmic events that we are ever going to have the privilege of witnessing.

The blue moon eclipse takes place when three different lunar events occur simultaneously. A lunar eclipse combines with a supermoon and a blue moon. From there, we are able to sit back and enjoy the magic that the universe has to offer us. The Earth is also slated to experience a total eclipse of the moon on the same day.

There are also those who are familiar with the concept of a blood moon. This is because the atmosphere of the Earth extends further than we realize. Because the atmosphere extends this far, the sun’s light travels in a different manner. When the light hits the moon, the blue light is trapped within the atmosphere and the red colored light is more visible. This is a very simple explanation but that’s the easiest way to explain it.

The blood moon is nothing to be afraid of. While some might look at the blood moon as a sign of the oncoming apocalypse, it is actually a normal event. There is one key difference between the super blue blood moon eclipse that is about to take place and the total eclipse that we saw back in August. You are not going to need any sunglasses to see this one.

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