Here Is What Happens If You Wake Up At 5:30 AM Every Day


“The miracle morning”, a bestseller by Hal Elrod, suggests that waking up at 5:30 every morning is the path to becoming the person we want to be. This is some kind of routine we need to follow in order to achieve everything that we want in life. Well, we decided to put this book on a test and for a week following the instructions which were given. Elizabeth, our volunteer, is trying it out and here is her diary for one regular day according to the book.

Meditation to de-stress:

I get up at 5:30 and get ready for my meditation session. “You do not necessarily have to sit comfortably, it’s not relaxation. We try to be alert, to wake up and to feel alive, “says Fabrice Midal, the founder of the Western School of Meditation. Then add: “We sit with our back straight, on a cushion or a chair, without any particular posture. To avoid over-internalizing, we can keep our eyes open. I follow my coach’s advice and am amazed at how relaxed and awake I am. Meditation ”   cuts a level of stress that ends up gnawing at us. We live daily gestures in a different way and that influences our relationship with others, “he explains.

Take stock of your objectives:

At 5:45, I put myself in front of my notebook to write what goes through my mind. Hal Elrod advises his readers to write daily in his diary his thoughts, his ambitions and his recognition of the different people who have affected our lives. So I begin by writing my gratitude to the author of the book and then the ideas go off in all directions, I write my thoughts, the way I want to improve my life, my dreams etc. I can also visualize the person I want to become, and write it.

Give yourself time for yourself

At 6 am, I put on my sneakers and go out to play sports. I start with 30 minutes of cardio, then I do muscle exercises. “The fact of practicing a sports activity just after sunrise, very early in the morning, has a synchronizing effect on the biological clock and promotes the regularity of the rhythms” explains the doctor Sylvie Royant-Parola. At 7:30 am, I read my book. Even though Hal Elrod advised focusing on self-help books, I preferred to read newspapers or a novel. I was surprised to be so focused that early in the morning.

A good morning but not miraculous

At 8 am, the program ends. I take a shower and prepare my breakfast. Although Hal Elrod advises “not to eat only what we want, but what brings us benefits for our health,” I opted for a combination of both, making pancakes, fruits, and coffee.

The bottom line is that waking up with chickens for a week tired me a lot. I could not even keep up with my friends, returning at 10 pm on a Friday night. According to doctor Royant-Parola, Hal Elrod’s book is not a cure to follow to the letter. She recommends instead to wake up 1h30 before leaving home.

Starting next week, I will wake up at 5:30.

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