A fundamental condition is to have made our soap with pure and organic materials.

Raw materials are not difficult to find.

The process of preparing the dry soap for the laundry recipe is described at the end of the article.

Sometimes, my friends want to put liquid detergent in the washing machine, and the following recipe is basic and easy to make.

There will then be articles – as you requested – on natural enhancing laundry detergents, bleaches, and fabric softeners to your liking.

I recommend using natural materials when washing baby clothes or underwear (which directly contact the skin).

Beware of artificial perfumes, do not overdo it! Only natural raw materials.

You will not “get” the perfume from the liquid detergent but from the fabric softener used after the main wash as a reaction to the pH of the detergent (neutralization of acidity), and it is necessary for the maintenance and improvement of the fabric fiber.

Materials for liquid laundry detergent

4 liters of distilled water (optional 1 liter of flower water)

130gr – 170gr grated soap (ours).

130gr – 170gr washing soda

130gr – 170gr borax

Method of preparation liquid soap  (it is elementary after all).

Dissolve the soap in 1 lt of water

Dissolve borax and soda in 1 lt of water.

Once they are completely dissolved, mix them both.

Optionally add essential oils (no more than five drops in a liter of liquid detergent or, even better, not at all since the aroma will be received from the fabric softener after washing).

Focus on natural products, not only detergents but also natural organic – simple – cosmetics.

We will post from here on easy recipes and gentlemen with pure ingredients.

Good luck. ?

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