A Simple Way To Check Your Health In 1 Minute


Taking care of our health is definitely the most important thing in our life. However, we rarely go to our doctor for routine checkups anymore, and we’re only aware of our health’s importance when the going gets tough. But, there are a few simple tricks which will help you check your health and recognize if anything’s wrong.

Take a tablespoon and pass it over your tongue, then put it into a transparent Ziploc bag and leave it under a lamp (or a strong sunlight beam) for a minute. Take it out afterward and inspect it – a clean spoon with no odor means that everything’s normal; a sour odor indicates lung or stomach problems, while a sweet scent is a sign of diabetes. If the spoon smells like ammonia, you are suffering from some kind of kidney problem.

The color of the film on your tongue can also indicate certain problems with your health. For example, a white film means that you’re suffering from a respiratory infection. If the color is orange, you’re probably having problems with your kidneys, while a violet color on your tongue can be an indication of poor circulation, high cholesterol levels or bronchitis.

This simple test can show you if there’s anything wrong with your body, but remember – it’s not a replacement for proper medical treatment.



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