5 minutes a day, up to 4 centimeters less on the tummy – workout the Japanese way


Many people have problems with the spine, because of the sedentary lifestyle. This simple and effective technique of figure correction was developed by a famous Japanese doctor about 10 years ago. The method helps to get rid of the flabby abdomen and returns the spine to its natural position.

It will take only five minutes a day, and the outlines of your body will change significantly, the waist will become thinner, and the back will be straighter. When the method was first published, more than 6 million copies were sold out, but the whole essence of the technique can be described by several suggestions and recommendations.

If everything is done correctly, you will feel how your spine begins to take its natural position and straightens up. The stomach will gradually become flattered, all the internal organs will be placed in the most favorable position for them:

#1. Roll a towel in a tight roll. Tie it up.

#2. Sit on the floor (a soft bed is not good, it is better to sit on a couch, a massage table or on the fitness mat on the floor), put the rolled towel behind you.

#3. Gently lower onto the back, holding the towel with your hands so that it is exactly across the body under the waist – exactly under the navel. This is an important point.

#4. Raise your legs to the width of your shoulders and put the feet together to make the thumbs touch each other, and the heels should be at the distance of 20-25 cm.

#5. Place the straight arms behind the head, turn them palms down and connect the little fingers.

#6. Carefully ensure that the big toes and little fingers touch.

#7. Spend 5 minutes in this position. Stand up slowly, because during exercise the bones and joints move slightly.

For starters it is quite difficult to hold the position for 5 minutes, so you can start from 2-3 minutes. The result will be noticeable in a month of such simple lessons. This is a wonderful alternative to physical exercises to strengthen the spine. Try this method – the back will thank you.


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