5 Relaxing Exercises To Do On The Bed Before Sleeping


It is not a secret that each and every one of us leads a busy lifestyle these days. It is only obvious that not every one of us is lucky enough to have spare time to devote to relaxation. Very often we can’t even afford to spend some time on usual workout, not to mention yoga or anything of the kind. But, the thing is that your body can’t go on working properly if you do not tend to it. And relaxation is crucial, no matter what aspect of life you take into consideration.

While most of us postpone meditation or light workout routine till morning comes, very few know how important it is to do some yoga before going to bed. And that is something that we would like to discuss today. The thing is that we know 5 super effective exercises you should pay attention to feel fresh and energized in the morning and throughout the day. There is nothing complex about the, what is more they are even fun if you decide to involve your partner in.

That is why, after you are done with all of your evening routine, and are about to sneak into your bed and have a nice sleep, repeat these 5 simple and relaxing exercise. In case you do that regularly you will notice the great positive effect it has on both your body and mind. Once you make it your routine, you will not be able to fall asleep without these magic exercises.

1. Savasana

2. Supta Virasana

3. Jathara Parivartanasana

4. Fish Pose

5. Cat Pose

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