5 simple moves that can help reduce back and side fat


These days many people neglect working out routines because they simply do not want to follow the trend. That is partially true that these days staying fit is more like a trend. Yet, there is always the other side of the coin.

The thing is that people who are overweight, endanger their own health without even knowing it. It is understandable that not every one of you can devote countless hours to workout. But very often, that is not even required. What is more, today we are going to introduce to your attention a set of 5 simple moves that help you reduce back and side fat.

It happens so that most, all the exercises are centered around such areas as stomach, butt, legs, arms and not the back. Why is that so – who knows. What we do know that back is what supports your whole body and neglecting it never leads to a great outcome.

Before we proceed to the exercises themselves, we would like to emphasize once again, that in order to be fit you should take complex care of your body. Do not try to follow the trends, try to follow your body’s needs. Feed it well, by well we mean healthy, devote at least a couple of minutes to exercise daily and we are more than sure that you will notice a dramatic positive change in a blink of an eye. A healthy and fit body is one of the key points we need to be happy! As simple as that!

#1. Triangle crunch

#2. Side Plank

#3. Side Plank Twist

#4. Russian Twist

#5. Spiderman Plank

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Source: betterme.tips

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