7 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Metabolism


Our metabolism works at a certain rate which differs from person to person. Some people have a fast metabolism and can lose weight easier, while others have a slow metabolism, which can result in many problems. How fast your metabolism plays a big role in your overall health, as it regulates the rate of fat burn and the energy expenditure as well? The metabolism also plays a part in your risk of diabetes and how strong you are.

The metabolism is affected by age, genetics, body size and shape. There are many factors which can either accelerate or slow it down, such as the food you eat or how physically active you are. Of course, the metabolism isn’t solely responsible for your weight loss or gain, as there are many factors involved in it. However, even slight changes in your diet or lifestyle can affect your metabolism and provide a host of health benefits in the long run.

According to Dr. Francesco Celi, these are the 7 best and easiest ways to boost your metabolism:

Sleep in a cold room

Sleeping in a warm room isn’t great for your metabolism – in fact, a study has shown that sleeping in a colder room can increase your brown fat which acts as muscle instead of fat. During the study, 5 male volunteers slept in air-conditioned rooms wearing light pajamas for a few months. After one month, sleeping in 66 degrees increased their brown fat content for 50% and they also burned more calories during the day.

Of course, Dr. Celi doesn’t say that this will help you lose weight on its own, but it does accelerate the metabolism, which can help in the long run. According to the doctor, reducing the temperature in your home will have the same effect.

Drink coffee

There are several studies which suggest that drinking coffee can increase the metabolic burn rate and reduce the risk of diabetes as well. Dr. Celi says that caffeine helps the body break down fat, but this doesn’t mean that you should go crazy with it. Coffee is often full of fat and sugar which can have detrimental effects on your health.

Reduce your stress levels

According to a 2014 study, the body burns calories significantly slower when you’re under stress. The women who volunteered in the study burned 104 fewer calories in a full day when they were stressed. Over the course of a year, this could result in 10-11 pounds of weight gained, which is pretty much if you ask us. In order to resolve this problem, we suggest finding a way of keeping your stress levels down. Try yoga or simply go for a walk when you’re stressed in order to calm down your mind.

Proper overnight rest

You may not think that sleeping plays a part in your metabolism, but it certainly does. According to Dr. Celi, not getting enough rest overnight can slow down your metabolism as the body’s not resting as much as it needs. Get 7-8 hours overnight to keep your energy levels and metabolism up and you will feel much better.

Strength training

Dr. Celi says that any kind of physical activity – even walking for half an hour – can boost your metabolism. However, strength training really revs it up. By boosting your own muscle mass, you will boost the energy expenditure as well, which will result in a more fat burn. Add some weight training in your workout regime and you will notice the results in a short time.

Spicy snacks

Spicy foods contain a lot of capsaicin, a powerful compound that can increase your body temperature and help you burn fat easier. According to Dr. Celi, mustard, wasabi or horseradish also contain compounds called isothiocyanates which can activate the brown fat in your body and boost your metabolic rate, resulting in a better fat burn.

Plyometric training

Plyometric training such as HIIT training can boost your metabolism instantly and keep it revved up for 24-48 hours afterward. According to a research, 12 weeks of interval training will help you reduce your body weight and increase your lean muscle while also improving your metabolic rate. If you’re unsure where to start, talk to your trainer.


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